Saanjhbaati - our Future Project

SAANJHBAATI, a geriatric care centre (with short stay facilities) the dream project of SCOPE, will be a unique day care facility for senior citizens. Here elders will get togather and spend their day time engaged in a wide range of meaningful activities and programs. It is an ideal avenue of freedom from isolation and depression.

Apart from basic short stay ,there will a library equipped with newspapers, magazines and a computer. Various cultural programs, yoga sessions, religious discourses and talks will also be held regularly. The Centre will be equipped with a medical facility and bedside assistance, counseling sessions and physiotherapy.

Seniors, who are productive and would like to contribute to the society, will be encouraged to get involved in various community welfare programs. Members will also be actively involved with the Helpline facility for the elderly and other welfare schemes run by SCOPE.

In short, Saanjhbaati ,a geriatric care centre will be a home away from home where elderly people will be provided with short -time shelter, care, recreation and all other facilities which will lead to their total physical and mental nourishment

Saanjhbaati will be:

# A centre exclusively for the elderly.
# A centre which will provide HOLISTIC CARE (social, medical and behavioural) to the downtrodden elderly.
# A centre dedicated to the treatment of disease and disability in our parental generation suffering from Arthritis, Parkinson, Dementia/Alzimer, physchological problems and other morbidity disorders.
# A centre focusing on health promotion and the prevention of the related diseases.

Our wishes are sincere and our efforts, genuine. Building a healthy society and dreaming of a happy future is every citizenís wish. We have dreams and are working towards fulfilling them. We know we will have the support to carry out our mission with zeal and we move forward with a small step everyday.

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Proposed site for Day Care Center