Events & Activities

You will be happy to know that in the previous years, we have tried in our very small way to ease the grief and pain of the unfortunates, and to bring a smile in the faces of the suffering mankind by undertaking some socially useful activities.


Saanjhbaati 24x7 elders helpline : The main objective of Saanjhbaati is to ensure a life of dignity and security to elders, free from abuse and exploitation. The services include counseling, resolving disputes, reconciliation, legal advice, police intervention, Medical Aid, providing information, advocacy, and creating awareness.(According to a recent survey conducted in eight cities and covering over 1000 senior citizens, 22.8 percent of Calcutta’s senior citizens face abuse – the highest percentage in the eight cities.)

Children Activity Centre is an unique program for dropout and under-priviledged students and children . Innocence ,a basic feature of childhood days are now getting lost day by day as these children don’t get a proper environment to enjoy their childhood .Education doesn’t mean only studying. It actually aims at holistic development of a child. Our service for the sake of the dropout and under-priviledged students and children.This is functioning for children in the afternoon hours where all children come together for joyful academic learning and opportunity to exercise their rights and privileges of children. In this centre children were provided space for sharing their daily experience in the school, home and other situation. Both individual and socialistic development is necessary for a child’s all round development. So keeping these things in mind and also with a attempt to make the process a joyful experience, we have arranged for different types of classes such as singing, dancing, art&craft, drama, story telling and also supportive tutorial class
mission : Ensure safe situation for all children and they live with all rights and privileges entrusted under law and culture.

Garment Distribution : Garments were distributed amongst the slum dwellers and the underprivileged of the society. We had organized this program twice, once in the month of September and January.

Food Packets were also distributed at the same time.

Medicine Distribution : Throughout the year we have distributed medicines to the elderly people belonging to the poor sections of the society. We have noticed that there is a huge requirement of Geriatric care in our society at the moment. We are trying our very best to open a Geriatric care unit in the near future.

Eye Camp : We have successfully organized eye camps at our office premises, where eminent ophthalmologists of the city conducted “Free Eye Check Up”. Spectacles were distributed amongst patients. Arrangements were also made with hospitals for “Free Cataract Surgery” of patients.

Health Check-Up Camp : Free Health check – Up / Diabetic Care camps were also organized for the ailing citizens of the locality

Free Puja Parikrama : SCOPE had organized two days of free puja parikrama for the Senior Citizens. Elderly persons from different sections of the society and some underprivileged people participated in this program.Famous personalities of Tollywood fame, famous actor of Bengali TV-serials,Bengali Film,high officials of West Bengal police also attended the program. The program received coverage from the Electronic media like- Kolkata TV, Akash Bangla and Zee Bangla, the Print media and some FM channels. We had taken them to Popular Puja Pandals of Kolkata by luxury coaches.Breakfast,lunch & evening tea along with some gifts were provided to all keeping the festive mood in mind.

Children's Day : Children's day was celebrated at our office premises. Books and Stationeries (pencils, pens, erasers and other materials) were distributed amongst the poor children of the society. It was a great day where lunch was also provided to the children.

Counselling for all who are in need including students,seniors ,housewives……………….

Celebration of MOTHER’s Day n FATHER’s Day.

Awarness campaining includes Sensitization Programmes for children,youth,mothers.

Cultural Programmes,Games & Sports.

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