Elder's Helpline

Elders Helpline is a lifeline for elders in distress.

This is a joint venture between West Bengal POLICE and SCOPE. The involvement of the Police gives more value to the services and confidence to elders.

The main objective of the Helpline is to ensure a life of dignity and security to elders, free from abuse and exploitation. The services include counseling, resolving disputes, reconciliation, legal advice, police intervention, tracing of missing elders, providing information, advocacy, and creating awareness.

FOR THIS PURPOSE trained counselors, social workers and volunteers will promptly respond to the calls. In cases of family disputes, the counselors visit the houses of elders, assess the nature of the problem and facilitate solutions acceptable to both the parties. Police intervention will be provided whenever necessary.

APPEAL ::::::
To enable senior citizens to have easy access for this Helpline services we need your co-operation too.

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